1. Indicate intention to consult with a doctor;
  2. Choose specialty required;
  3. Sign-in or Sign-up on Your Mobile Doctor;
  4. Choose consult type – text chat or video chat;
  5. Pay Consultation Fee – N3,000 per consult (One Consult unit secures a maximum 15 minute consultation time; which cannot be rolled over but can be topped up before the consultation is over, to lengthen consultation period).
  6. Choose one of the doctors that are online;
  7. Begin Consultation
    • You can also leave offline messages for particular doctors;
    • You can search for particular doctors; especially in cases of follow-up consultation;
    • You can upload documents, test results, medical reports etc; and
    • You have the option to keep your medical reports for access to doctors on follow up consultation or to discard medical records after every consultation.